Ala Wura

African Net Exfoliating Shower Body Scrubber/ Exfoliating Back Scrubber/ Skin Smoother

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Receive the most wonderful feeling of superior exfoliation with this premium quality exfoliating African bath sponge. Great for all sexes, this bath tool will leave your skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth. It's machine washable and never loses its shape or exfoliating abilities. These sponges don't breed bacteria like other sponges and is a safe exfoliating tool.

It pairs beautifully with any shower soap/gel. Or better yet, try it with our Ala Wura Raw African Black Soap.

Start your new exfoliating tradition. Your showering experience is about to change forever. This traditional African Bath Sponge is pure genius. It exfoliates, lathers and drys nicely. Once you Bath with an African bathing net sponge a washcloth will never do. They help remove excess dirt, oil, and dead skin cells; unclog pores; and eliminate impurities from the skin Generous length, West African Spong and Long lasting- tough net. West Africa bath sponge, shower sponge, easy to dry sponge, exfoliating sponge, koin koin, Nigerian made sponge. Once you bath with an African bathing net sponge, you will feel refreshed and clean.